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My name is Faisal Basra & I love to use Faisal Geek on Internet. I am an average person, strongly believe in making own luck, firm believe of innovative ideas, an entrepreneur inspired by the others, and want to be a geek or nerd of Internet or Information Technology.

I was born in my home town Basra and then we moved to a small city Daska, Sialkot where I lived up to my Intermediate education. Then for graduation I moved to Lahore and joined Punjab University. Here, in PU I learned a lot of things, make good friends infact they are too good than me. Inspite of all the educational  activities, things I loved there are

  • The value of time & importance
  • Independent Life
  • Friend’s Corner
  • Habit of Working Hard
  • Desi foods (Gawal Mandi, Anarkali)

My heartiest friends were and are Khan & Ali. They always stand up with me even when some times I leave them due to my stupidities. I can’t find any other as sincere friend they are till now.

My big brother held responsible for achieving all the honor(s) and my current status. He was remain the major source who always pushes me to go ahead and forget the worries and difficulties that can become hurdles to reach my destinations.

My mom & dad offcourse the core behind my success & victories. I wonder many time how I got ahead between so many people without having any extra ordinary skills, because I am a ordinary person and found that these are my parent’s prayers.


My ambition was to excel myself into IT field & be a solid man of skills. So, to make my inner self satisfied I went for BS-IT(Hons) from Punjab University.

In December 2008, I was successful to achieve my most wished certification, Sun Certified Java Professional SE 5.0 Platform.

Now, I have again set my new direction to be equipped with business & managerial skills along with strong technical skills. So I have got admission in Institute of Business & Management UET.

Work Experience:

I am person who who like to be multi dimensional & multi skilled. I always try to explore & learn new things. I am inspired by ecommerce field and my want to be entrepreneur one day.

My initial start was as Search Engine Optimization Expert at xperts dot net for just 3 months only.


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